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Fat-Filled, Filling, and Delicious – I Never Thought I’d Lose Weight Eating These Meals, But I Did!

The Mediterranean Diet is a heart-healthy diet that's filling, easy to maintain, and fabulous for your overall health

If you’re a typical woman like me, then you’ve probably been fighting your body – specifically your weight – for as long as you can remember. I thought I was fat at 18, but looking back, I had a gorgeous, svelte figure and I could eat just about anything without packing on the pounds!

It’s a different story now, of course. Since hitting my thirties and becoming a mother to two gorgeous (but very tiring!) boys, the weight has been piling on. It seems the saying “a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips” was made for me!

I have always had a complicated relationship with food

At just 35, I’m a veteran of the dieting scene. I’ve crash dieted more times than I care to remember, and gone through all the trendy diets – keto, paleo, zone, shakes, you name it.

None of these diets taught me how to eat healthily…

…and more importantly, none of them gave my body what I needed – and inevitably, after one or two weeks, the lack of variety (and too much lettuce) made me mad.

Or perhaps that was the starvation making me hangry until my willpower broke, and I gorged myself on what I really wanted. Ice cream, pizza, burgers, lasagna….

Most of all, these diets didn’t teach me something that I now know is the key to dieting success: overcoming my own complicatedrelationship with food.

I came to this realization after another diet had crashed and burned, and I was feeling the shame of yet another greedy, overgorged failure.

However, something had changed this time. I wanted to break the cycle – and I wanted to get something out of the diet, rather than just put my whole soul into it.

In other words, I wanted to find a diet that worked with me and not against me.

I started researching online about the typical American diet. What I learned shocked me and even made me feel angry. For all the bright packaging and wholesome advertisements, I felt like the entire food industry had been lying to me.

Telling me that their chemical-filled, sugar-packed food was good as for me as it was tasty – and that if I was getting chubby, I should exercise more.

Disgusted by this cynicism, I looked further afield – and it wasn’t long before I was seduced by the Mediterranean Diet.

As I researched more, I discovered Erika Simons of The Mediterranean Refresh. This lady is a real treasure trove of information. As the head recipe coach there, she’s also brimming over with some of the most indulgent and delicious diet meals that have ever passed my lips!

Now, don’t be fooled by the word ‘diet’ – this isn’t a traditional diet!

It’s actually a lifestyle – the term ‘Mediterranean Diet’ typically refers to the food people who live in countries like Greece, Italy, and Spain traditionally eat every day and have done for thousands of years.

It’s also regarded as the healthiest diet in the world!

Hard to believe Mediterranean is one of the healthiest diets in the world when you’re eating such delicious foods

As I started to follow the diet, I realized it was incredibly easy to follow – and I could feel my own relationship with food changing (as a bonus, the kids also love it so I can cook for the whole family!).

Most of all, eating all this goodness was making me feel better as the pounds dropped off. That old guilt I felt had gone, along with any pangs of dieting hunger.

I was also thrilled to find a diet that didn’t make eating out a horrific ordeal of finding a place that could cater to sometimes very fussy and niche needs. Sure, I still have to be careful, but now I can relax and enjoy the experience with my friends and family, too!

The best thing about the Mediterranean Diet is that it uses fresh ingredients with flavors that pack a real punch…

…and the desserts are to die for!

Eager to find out more, I contacted Erika and asked her if she could explain more to me about the Mediterranean Diet. As much as I loved her recipes, what I really wanted to know what how this diet really works on the body.

I thought she might ignore me – she’s a busy lady, after all – but I was amazed when I saw how willing she was to share her knowledge with me!

According to Erika, the most important thing in the Mediterranean Diet is eating food in its natural state (unprocessed) with plenty of good fats.

If the record just scratched for you, I get it.

Fats? Aren’t they bad for your health? Doesn’t fat give you cholesterol and many other nasty health conditions?

Yes and no: there are good fats like olive oil, and bad fats, such as trans-fats.

The human body also needs a certain amount of fat just to keep the body running – think of how cars need oil to run smoothly. Good fats work like this, lubricating our joints, keeping out hair glossy, powering our brain, and much more:

  • Detoxing your liver
  • Detoxing your colon
  • Fighting your inflammation
  • Curbing sugar cravings
  • Boosting energy levels
  • Maintaining perfect weight
  • Managing blood sugar
  • Stimulating heart health

That’s a lot of significant health benefits on top of burning off the pounds – and all from a diet high in good fats!

Erika said that good, heart-healthy fats like olive oil are the human body’s first choice for an energy source.

For me, this made a lot of things click. All those low-fat diets that had made my life hell by leaving me feeling like the wilted lettuce I was forcing myself to eat were the culprit.

My body had been screaming at me to eat some fat – and my wildly varying energy levels were a symptom of the fact my body was suffering.

Worse, low-fat diets can increase your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and sky-high blood pressure results.

Erika told me that she created the Mediterranean Refresh diet because she wanted to show people that eating good fats in a balanced diet is more straightforward than they think, even if your life is constantly running at 100MPH.

When I told her about my own struggles with weight loss and body image, she confided back to me that she had been the same, too.

As she opened up, she revealed that she wouldn’t tell anyone about her struggle with food.

It shamed her. She tried to eat properly, she tried to exercise every day, but because of her weight, everyone just thought she was a fat, lazy slob.

The reality was that she – like millions of other women, like me! – had spent countless hours counting calories and living with stomach growls and nothing but a bland shake to appease them.

That she had also fallen prey to the inevitable binge days that undid a whole week’s worth of hard work. Like me, she had eventually gotten desperate enough that she needed to find a real solution.

That’s why she wrote the The Mediterranean Refresh. Because as soon as she found a diet where she could eat a wide variety of food that filled her, satisfied her taste buds, and was healthy, she realized that this was the only way to eat.

She created The Mediterranean Refresh because she slowly built up a vast library of recipes that helped her to get down to her target weight without all the pain of ‘real’ dieting.

She’s sharing The Mediterranean Refresh with the world because she wants everyone to access not just the recipes, but also a new way of life and a new relationship with food that comes with it.

You see, just about every woman out there has been on a diet – and so often, those diets don’t nourish our mind, body, and soul…

The Mediterranean Diet Is Meant to Be Shared!

…So how can they really ever be successful? Because this is a diet that has a rich tradition and culture in the Mediterranean, it also features a culture of community eating.

This isn’t food to be eaten alone, guiltily. It’s food you make with love to share with your loved ones!

As a busy Mom, this meant so much to me – bringing together my family for a healthful meal where we could share stories and talk about our day.

The Mediterranean Refresh has 164 pages of those recipes to cover just about any occasion you can think of. Some of my family’s firm favorites include:

  • Speedy One-Pan Mediterranean Chicken.
  • Refreshing Sugar-Free Blueberry Lemonade.
  • Zesty Chili Lime Roasted Chickpeas.
  • Delectable Natural Caramel Sauce.
  • Thick, Creamy Pistachio Pudding.

These recipes haven’t just become staples in my own diet, helping me to lose weight and feel great – they’re also recipes that my friends ask about!

You won’t get anyone asking you for your crash diet recipes! Sharing these recipes was another revelation, as my friends told me how they were feeling improvements in their health!

As it turned out, eating this centuries-old diet isn’t just great for slimming and maintaining a perfect weight – it really is a healthful, natural diet that helps your body to run like the American diet simply doesn’t.

You Don’t Need to Be a Masterchef Contestant to Make This Diet Work!

The Mediterranean Diet is all about home cooking – just from countries like Greece and Italy.

You’ll work with ingredients in your pantry that are available from your grocery store, like olive oil, peppers, tomatoes, onions, and fresh herbs, cooking meals that have been passed down through generations of families over the centuries.

Sound like a lot of work? Well, it can be – and one of the beautiful things about Mediterranean Refresh is that Erika has fine-tuned these recipes for the busy modern woman.

In other words, you’ll get all the taste and health, but without slaving over a hot kitchen stove for hours.

There are no fancy techniques here. If you can prepare a basic meal – even if that’s just toast – then you’re good to go (speaking of which, there are some delicious on-the-go recipes in here, too!).

The Big Question: Does This Diet Really Work?

Yes, it does! Think about it: this is an ancient diet with very few restrictions and a focus on natural food. There’s no “bad” food that you “can’t” eat!

All you need to focus on is eating more healthy fats, like olive oil and opt for food in a natural state over processed ingredients.

This may sound daunting, but what makes Erika Simon’s Mediterranean Refresh so, well, refreshing is that you can use it to add the diet into your life slowly and at your own pace.

I was able to reach my goals easily – and I know you will too!

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